assign as‧sign [əˈsaɪn] verb [transitive]
1. to give someone a particular job or task, or send them to work in a particular place or for a particular person:
assign something to somebody

• His duties have now been assigned to the deputy chairman.

assign somebody to something

• She was assigned to the US Embassy in Moscow.

assign somebody to do something

• He was assigned to work in a Chicago bank.

2. to give a particular amount of time, money, or resources to something:

• How much time have you assigned for the meeting?

3. to decide that something has a particular value or is of a particular quality:

• the difficulty of assigning a value to an hour of housework

• The group has been assigned a triple A rating by Standard and Poor's.

4. LAW to give something such as property to another person formally, by contract:

• They only assign ownership when the house is complete.

— see also deed of assignment
— assignor noun [countable] :

• The assignor of the lease is released from future liability under this lease.

* * *

assignor UK US /əˌsaɪˈnɔːr/ US  /əˈsaɪnər/ noun [C]
LAW a person who gives the rights to a property, etc. to someone else: »

When a lease is being transferred, the current lessee is the ""assignor"" and the proposed new lessee is the ""assignee"".

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